Technobell Technology - CFW4000

Congratulations to our Technobell team for another successful completion of a CFW production line.

The giant CFW4000 machine capable of producing GRP pipes up to 4m in diameter and the auxiliary machines were designed, constructed and packed in record time and are now on their way to the new owner.

As usual we built-in all the experience and knowledge accumulated so far to deliver a product that is easy and safe to use, has unparalleled production capacity and will serve its purpose for decades to come.

We look forward to the first GRP pipe to be manufactured with the most advanced CFW4000 production line available on the market.


Technobell - Camplate for CFW4000 machine

Update on CFW4000 project – 2.

A suitably shaped cam plate is an important part of a Continuous Filament Winding machine. This cam plate for the CFW4000 machine with a diameter of 4.3 meters and weighing approx. 4 tons was annealed for 30 hours, in order to remove internal stresses and to strengthen it. Afterwards the surface was treated with a triaxial drilling milling machine.




Technobell CFW4000 basic construction- frame and mandrel casing

Update on CFW4000 project – 1.

It took us four working days to assemble the basic construction of the CFW4000 machine: the frame and the mandrel casing. When assembled, only the CFW4000 machine will be 7.6 meters high, 10.5 meters wide and 31 meters long. Due to the machine dimensions our partners built a special bridge crane which extends to only a few inches below the roof of the production hall.



Technobell - CFW production line components

Technobell has just started assembling a new CFW production line for the manufacturing of GRP pipes. It will be a giant amongst CFW’s production lines made from more than 300 tons of steel and other various components. To assemble it, we will need an impressive 4 cubic meters of bolts and nuts. The longest piece is 11 meters long, the largest piece is  4.5 meters in diameter, and the heaviest piece weighs 24 tons.

Due to its exceptional dimensions and weight, the CFW production line represents a challenge in terms of manufacturing and logistics – a challenge we are all proud of.


Technobell - CFW production line components


Technobell's Modular CFW 300-1200 machine

Extreme engineering put into practice. The Technobell modular CFW 300-1200 machine for GRP pipes production divided into easy to assemble modules perfectly fits into standard marine containers with obvious but precious benefits for the end-user:

  • machine installation and start-up time reduced almost to zero,
  • possibility to relocate the machine near project sites without any hassle.


Technobell Modular CFW1200

We just finished testing the new modular CFW1200 machine and started disassembling it for imminent relocation, an operation that will be completed in less than 5 days. In order to assure reliable and responsive controls, considering that pipe production output can reach 60 m/h, the modular CFW machine had to be fitted with an advanced Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The PLC features also remote connection which allows real-time monitoring and troubleshooting by Technobell engineers.



Technobell's 30 anniversary

The year 2020 marks Technobell’s 30 Year Anniversary. The company was founded in 1990 by a group of people with the necessary organizational and technical skills to implement support for technically complex projects, planning, construction and sales to end users.

Over the past 30 years, Technobell has established three main pillars: GRP Program, Chemical Technology Program and Polyester Resin Program. Our competitive advantage is the complete coverage of the complete production chain from basic chemicals to final product and the assistance to the investor from feasibility study to industrial production. Our business success is based on quality, professionalism, collaboration, trust, personable support and a commitment to offering the best services.

In February the company started this milestone anniversary celebration with a small party and will continue with different activities throughout the year.

Happy Anniversary to all Technobell employees, partners and clients all around the world.


Technobell's 30 anniversary
Technobell’s isophthalic resin TB RP 716.09

Technobell is a producer of tailor made DCDP, orthophthalic, isophthalic and vinylester resins. We use our know-how to develop and produce more than 90 different types of resins for a wide range of application. Our goal is to find the best solution and to offer support in the application development.

Technobell’s isophthalic resin TB RP 716.09, a highly elastic resin with excellent temperature resistance, was recommended to a reputable pipe manufacturer to produce a pipe fully made of isophthalic resin for hot water transportation. Other brands of resin were tried too, but only pipes produced with Technobell unsaturated polyester resin 716.09 passed successfully all the tests. The pipe is now ready to serve its purpose for at least the next 50 years.


Technobell’s isophthalic resin TB RP 716.09
Technobell's modular 1200CFW machine

Technobell’s modular CFW1200 machine is a small machine in size but great in its content. It has all the features of the bigger machines and can produce pipes up to 60 meters per hour and up to 1200 mm in diameter. But more importantly, it is distinguished by being quick to assemble (10 days) and disassemble (7 days).

The entire CFW1200 machine together with the dosing systems will fit into 5 containers only. This feature combined with its ease of installation makes it the ideal choice for companies that have to move their GRP pipes production from time to time in order to be closer to pipes installation site. High production capacity and location flexibility are nowhere to be found, except on the Technobell CFW1200 machine.


Technobell Team

In the last weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives. At Technobell, the safety and health of our employees, their families, our partners and clients is top priority. In line with international and local authorities, the company has taken a number of measures to ensure business continuity in a safe work environment. We have provided all our employees with the appropriate technology tools and enabled work from home. After two weeks of remote working from different parts of Slovenia and other parts of the world, we estimate that work under the given condition is successful. We are also available to our partners and clients and provide them support through online tools. We will continue to do our best to deliver services to all our stakeholders.

If possible, stay home. Stay healthy.

Technobell Team