Technobell’s GRP Pipe Hydro-Testing Machine:  Faster, Stronger & Safer

Technobell’s Continuous Winding Machines are now able to reach the record production speed, even 60m/h. This allows the reduction of pipe production cost, something that all pipe producers are looking for.

In order to follow the high pipe production output, Technobell`s technical department has developed the latest generation Hydro-Testing Machine which is capable to test 100% of pipes produced at a maximum speed. This is rendered possible thanks to its completely automatic, PLC based control system. All technical aspects have been thought in order to make the Hydro-Testing Machine safe, easy to use and most efficient of its kind.

All Hydro-Testing Machine’s features allow the testing process to be performed by only one operator in absolute safety.

Our Hydro-Testing Machine has been designed to withstand up to 1,350 ton of end thrust load with a safety factor of 1.5 which is the highest among this type of machines available on the market. Moreover, all testing data are recorded and can be shared with QC via LAN connection.

The pump piping capacity has been sized in order to reach a testing pressure of up to 100 bars which allows the user to perform a burst test even on a DN 1000 mm pipe.

In the figure below you can see a comparison between Continuous Winding Machine production time and the Hydro-Testing Machine testing speed using the relevant standards (ISO 7511, AWWA C950, BS 5480).


Technobell would like to thank all visitors, partners and customers who visited our booth at JEC World 2019 in Paris.  Our team of experts from the GRP, Polyester Resins and Petrochemical departments where excited to meet you and  share their knowledge about the composite industry.

This year’s JEC2018 was characterized by a huge number of visitors, both new clients and old friends. We wish to thank you all for participating.

Also this year the Technobell Team presented our latest projects and developments in the fields of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Pipes Production Technologies and Chemical Process Production Technologies and visitors had the opportunity to test our CFW production plant scale model for the production of GRP pipes.

We have already started the countdown to JEC2019.

This is the latest but not the last of a series of 30 factories over a period of 15 years, equipped with Technobell`s technology for GRP pipe production. Zhenshi Yongchang Co., one of the most important GRP pipe producers in China, opted to install Technobell`s CFW 300-3000 production line in their new factory in Urumqi, Xinjiang province, which started successfully with industrial production in August 2016. Their choice was motivated by the management’s need to source the best European technology available on the market.

Technobell at Vietwater in Vietnam, 2016

Technobell participated as exhibitor at this year`s edition of VietWater which was held in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam in November. The show, which attracted a huge number of visitors from all Southeast Asia, was dedicated to water treatment and water distribution. During the exhibition the audience had the opportunity to learn from Technobell about the advantages of GRP pipes for water applications compared with other piping materials.

Gas power plant project, Beni Suef

Technobell participated in the world’s largest gas power plant project in Beni Suef, Egypt. The Egyptian government and Siemens joined their forces to build the world`s largest gas power plant in record time. Technobell participated in the project as a raw material supplier for GRP pipe producers enabling them on-time delivery of the entire cooling water piping system consisting of GRP pipes ranging from 80 mm to 2600 mm. The power plant is expected to become fully operational in 2017.

Technobell at JEC World Paris in 2017

This year, Technobell celebrated its 10th anniversary of presence at JEC World Paris, the largest composites show in the world that covers the whole composites value chain from raw material to processors and final products.