As a responsible partner Technobell continuously provides quality support to our partners in different parts of the world. Even in the Covid-19 pandemic we do our best to service our customers through all stages of petrochemical projects implementation, including during the on-site installation.



Technobell Maleic Anhydride Engineer

Technobell’s highly qualified technical field supervisors, composed of process, mechanical and instrumental engineers, are delivering a wide range of skills and competencies which makes Technobell a valuable partner.

Recently Technobell performed one of such on-site technical services in form of Maleic Anhydride plant installation supervision in close cooperation and coordination with our client. All critical piping routing and equipment installations have been checked and commented in order to ensure proper plant operation.

We look forward to plant start-up and commissioning.





Plant digitization is fundamental for long term success as it increases productivity, efficiency, reliability, safety and quality, giving you the competitive advantage.

With Technobell team of experienced and qualified engineers, we are providing the complete solution consisting of:

  • 3D laser scanning,
  • 3D modeling,
  • Preparation of Pipe Isometric drawnings (ISO Drawings),
  • Upgrade of existing / preparation of new piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID),
  • other products and services.

Owning a plant functional plan 3D digital model enables easier, faster and more effective collaboration among plant managers, operators, process engineers, civil works specialist, maintenance team, installation companies and specialist in field operational safety.

Technobell will work closely with your team as a partner providing support from start to finish granting a total project success.




Technobell-Anti-abrasive resins

Technobell is a producer of resins that are specifically formulated for GRP pipes production, including resins with anti-abrasive characteristics that significantly improve the lifetime of pipes used for transmission of mechanically aggressive fluids. In order to meet the market’s growing demand and to preserve our environment, we are testing a new generation of anti- abrasive resins that will have higher resistance characteristics, cost efficiency and will be safer for the environment.

Our company is a producer of a large variety of polyester resins and a supplier of GRP pipe production technologies. By combining the knowledge in both fields Technobell is capable of delivering added value to its customers every day.


Technobell-Anti-abrasive resins


Technobell' Phthalic Anhydride - Double Salt Zone Reactor

Following the successful market introduction of our Maleic Anhydride Double Salt Zone Reactor (DSZR) with its superior performance compared to Single Zone Reactors, we developed the patented DSZR applicable for the production of Phthalic Anhydride (PA).

The development of a new reactor derives from the needs of catalyst manufacturers facing the challenges of the PA catalyst life cycle due to the multi-layer type of catalyst bed, where catalyst layers require different operating temperatures for their optimal performance.

The existing multi-layer PA catalyst operates with the Start-Of-Run salt temperature of about 340 ° C, while the reaction yield can reach up to 115 wt.%. During catalyst operation, the salt temperature must be constantly increased to maintain a high conversion rate and thus a yield.

However, after app. 3.5 years of catalyst in operation, salt temperature exceeds 350 ° C, where a significant negative effect, in terms of performance reduction, is visible mainly on the last catalyst layer, resulting in non-economical production leading to the catalyst change.

Technobell’s Phthalic Anhydride Double Salt Zone Reactor offers a complete solution where the main reaction zone temperature increases over time according to the reaction performance with the aim of maintaining the highest reaction yield, and the bottom reactor zone temperature is maintained at the optimal level for the last catalyst layer, which is only possible in DSZR due to its unique ability of separately controlled salt temperatures in the two zones.

The positive effect is shown in the guaranteed significant catalyst lifecycle extension, as the last catalyst layer performance reduction is much slower, resulting in a reduction of reactor OPEX.


Technobell - New type of UPR solution for fiberglass boat industry

Technobell has developed a new type of Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UPR) for the fiberglass boat industry. The new UPR is formulated to minimize friction between surfaces in order to obtain faster water flow due to the so called lotus effect. In addition to its extremely high UV-resistance characteristics, excellent resistance to atmospheric impacts and a high level of self-cleaning, the new solution also helps reduce fuel consumption and prevents material deposition on boat structures.


Technobell - New type of UPR solution for fiberglass boat industry
Technobell Polyester Resin Plant

The crude oil price is in decline and large petrochemical companies are heavily investing in Oil & Gas downstream processes, including the Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UPR) production technology because the UPR market has been constantly growing for the past two decades.

#technobelltechnology has a long-time experience in UPR production technology and is constantly investing in R&D in order to provide state-of-the-art solutions for our clients. With advanced technological solutions and deep understanding of the process we can propose optimization and combination of existing production lines allowing simultaneous production of Orthophthalic, Isophthalic, DCPD and Vinyl ester resins as well setting up new production lines with unmatchable performances.

Technobell’s licensed UPR technology enables production with low glycol excess (its concentration in waste reaction is max 3 wt.%) and increased production yield (by using DCPD) which overall significantly reduces the production costs and environmental impact.




Technobell Mandrel Casing Construction

Making big CFW machines for GRP pipes production starts with engineering and continues with manufacturing. Usually is not a problem, but when the part that needs fine machining is bigger than your car… then you need the tools and the knowledge on how to do it.

Technobell team is composed of highly skilled engineers with extensive experience in mechanical, automation and chemical engineering, managed by professionals with long term experience in large and complex projects.


Technobell's 30 anniversary

The year 2020 marks Technobell’s 30 Year Anniversary. The company was founded in 1990 by a group of people with the necessary organizational and technical skills to implement support for technically complex projects, planning, construction and sales to end users.

Over the past 30 years, Technobell has established three main pillars: GRP Program, Chemical Technology Program and Polyester Resin Program. Our competitive advantage is the complete coverage of the complete production chain from basic chemicals to final product and the assistance to the investor from feasibility study to industrial production. Our business success is based on quality, professionalism, collaboration, trust, personable support and a commitment to offering the best services.

In February the company started this milestone anniversary celebration with a small party and will continue with different activities throughout the year.

Happy Anniversary to all Technobell employees, partners and clients all around the world.


Technobell's 30 anniversary
Technobell’s isophthalic resin TB RP 716.09

Technobell is a producer of tailor made DCDP, orthophthalic, isophthalic and vinylester resins. We use our know-how to develop and produce more than 90 different types of resins for a wide range of application. Our goal is to find the best solution and to offer support in the application development.

Technobell’s isophthalic resin TB RP 716.09, a highly elastic resin with excellent temperature resistance, was recommended to a reputable pipe manufacturer to produce a pipe fully made of isophthalic resin for hot water transportation. Other brands of resin were tried too, but only pipes produced with Technobell unsaturated polyester resin 716.09 passed successfully all the tests. The pipe is now ready to serve its purpose for at least the next 50 years.


Technobell’s isophthalic resin TB RP 716.09