Technobell Team

In the last weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives. At Technobell, the safety and health of our employees, their families, our partners and clients is top priority. In line with international and local authorities, the company has taken a number of measures to ensure business continuity in a safe work environment. We have provided all our employees with the appropriate technology tools and enabled work from home. After two weeks of remote working from different parts of Slovenia and other parts of the world, we estimate that work under the given condition is successful. We are also available to our partners and clients and provide them support through online tools. We will continue to do our best to deliver services to all our stakeholders.

If possible, stay home. Stay healthy.

Technobell Team


Technobell JEC WORLD 2021

The next edition of JEC WORLD will be held from March, 9th to 11th, 2021 in Paris. JEC World organizers informed us that due to the Covid 19 situation with travel restrictions and containment measures make it impossible to hold JEC World as planned, from May 12 to 14, 2020. JEC Group also organized a survey within JEC WORLD exhibitors, which revealed that the vast majority of the respondents were in favor of holding the next session of JEC WORLD in 2021.

Technobell will attend next year’s edition of the leading trade show of the composites industry and will present its latest developments in Glass Reinforced Polyester Pipes Production Technologies (GRP) and Chemical Process Technologies.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Paris in March 2021. Stay safe.

Technobell Team


Faro 3D scan of a petrochemical plant

Technobell is an engineering company and in order to deliver state of the art products it requires cutting edge technology for design, simulations and animations. Therefore we use SOLIDWORKS and FARO 3D to develop and implement all our projects.

Our long-term supplier of software solutions, IB-CADDY from Ljubljana, invited us to speak at their latest workshop where Luka Dolenc, Head of commercial department, shared our experience in using Solidworks and Faro 3D in designing our patented Double Salt Zone Reactor, 3D scanning of complete petrochemical process unit as well as in design of different machines used in our GRP factories.


Technobell Social Responsability Certificate

TECHNOBELL Koper is proud to announce that it has received the Social Responsibility Certificate SR 10:2015. The Slovenian Institute for Quality along with the Swiss IQNet grant the said certificate only to companies that act for the benefit of society at large. Besides maintaining an ethical business policy we act in the best interests of the environment, our clients, our suppliers, our employees, our city, our country and the community as a whole. Social responsibility is a duty thatwe perform every day to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystem we live in.


3D model of patented Double Zone Tubular MA Reactor

The Technobell petrochemical team attended the Clariant Maleic Anhydride conference which took place in Munich from 14 to 17 October 2019. The conference was an informative and at the same time socializing event that comprised three days of interesting discussions with various experts, including the Maleic Anhydride catalyst supplier, process licensors and equipment manufacturers. It was a unique opportunity to meet with our clients and potential future partners in one place, which provided an incredible networking experience.

At the conference, Technobell also had the opportunity to present its 3D model of patented Double Zone Tubular MA Reactor and the latest developments in Reactor performance optimization called Technobell Advanced Reaction Control (TARC) System.

We would like to thank and congratulate the Clariant team for the successful organization of this event.


Technobell Technology - Patent for double zone tubular reactor

Technobell Technology was granted a patent for »Double zone tubular reactor and method for carrying out maleic anhydride production by n-butane oxidation«

Technobell Technology is proud to announce that we have been granted a patent by the US Patent & Trademark Office for »Double Zone Tubular Reactor and Method for Carrying Out Maleic Anhydride Production by N-Butane Oxidation«. This highlights the innovations that are being carried out in our petrochemical department. We would like to thank our colleague COO Gabor Toth, the inventor, and his team who are focused on constant process and equipment design developments.

On this occasion Gabor Toth said: »Receiving this Patent is not only a validation of our know-how but even more confirmation from a world-renowned independent institution about the value of our R&D activities that result in new and useful innovations. We believe that by the application of Technobell’s exclusive State-of-the Art Maleic Anhydride Technology and Double Zone Reactor, our Clients will be satisfied owner of the market leading production performance.«


Abstract from the patent »Double zone tubular reactor and method for carrying out maleic anhydride production by n-butane oxidation«

A tubular reactor that produces maleic anhydride from a gas mixture containing n-butane and oxygen includes a first reaction zone including an inlet for the gas mixture and a second reaction zone including an outlet for a reaction gas mixture, a plurality of tubes extending in an axial direction through the first and second reaction zones, a temperature control system, configured for controlling a reaction temperature in each of the reaction zones independently, includes a heat transfer system for each of the reaction zones configured for controlling the temperature of a liquid coolant flowing through one of the reaction zones, and a circulation pumping system configured for controlling flow conditions of the liquid coolant flowing through the reactor and one of the heat transfer systems, and a preheating arrangement configured for preheating the gas mixture such that the gas mixture enters the first reaction zone at a predefined inlet temperature.

Technobell Maleic Anhydride Technology

Middle East is investing in a new Maleic Anhydride plant using Technobell’s Technology


After completing the engineering of the new 22.000 TPY Maleic Anhydride plant based on Technobell’s License the production plant erection is currently ongoing.

The expected start-up of the newest Middle East Maleic Anhydride plant is foreseen in the beginning of 2020 and will be under the supervision of Technobell’s experts.

Technobell is going to support the plant operations management during the initial plant operating period involving three former Maleic Anhydride plant managers of Technobell.

Technobell at JEC 2019

Technobell would like to thank all visitors, partners and customers who visited our booth at JEC World 2019 in Paris.  Our team of experts from the GRP, Polyester Resins and Petrochemical departments where excited to meet you and  share their knowledge about the composite industry.

Technobell - Double Zone MA Reactor 60.00 TPY

Technobell’s Double Zone Maleic Anhydride Reactor Ready for 60.000 TPY Capacity.

The Research and Development Team from Technobell’s Technology Department has successfully finished the design of its new High capacity Double Zone Reactor for n-butane based Maleic Anhydride production with single train capacity up to 60.000 TPY.

The most advanced reactor is a result of constant research and development of Technobell’s engineering team, well-known for its continuous focusing on technology know-how and process equipment improvements based on market demands and known bottlenecks of worldwide operating reactors.

The new reactor combines the advantage of the revolutionary performance of Technobell’s licensed Double Zone Reactor and high production capacity resulting in a market leading production performance, productivity, economisation and efficiency.

Reactor’s key features:

  • Concentric salt circulation results equal salt distribution both in radial and axial directions around the catalyst tubes.
  • Central reaction gas inlet with special gas distributor design ensures identical GHSV in each catalyst tube.
  • Operation with the Double Zone Reactor leads to high production flexibility with exceptional high reaction maleic anhydride yield.
  • Gives flexibility to the end-user to generate any MP, HP or HHP steam as required by its process.
  • Operation with high n-butane concentration in the feed gas parallel with high n-C4 conversion and selectivity.
  • Reduced hot-spot temperature and smooth catalyst temperature profile extends the catalyst lifecycle.
  • Significant investment cost reduction.
Technobell Maleic Anhydride Plant

Europe’s Maleic Anhydride Production Capacity is Expanding by Technobell’s Technology.

Technobell’s Petrochemical Technologies Department has successfully completed the Front-end Engineering Design of a new Maleic Anhydride unit to be operated by the largest Oil and Gas Company in the CEE region.

The new plant with a total maleic anhydride production capacity of 45.000 TPY is planned to be in operation by 2021 and is going to use Technobell’s maleic anhydride technology with the application of Technobell’s proprietary and mandatory equipment like the most advanced Reactor system, Promoter addition system, Thermal oxidizer and State-of-the art hybrid driven compressor packages.