GRP Pipes for a Sustainable Future
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At Technobell, we strive to improve existing products and services to make them more sustainable, and we constantly invest in research and development of new technological solutions.

By optimizing the structure of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) pipes, we are able to reduce the consumption of polyester resins and fiberglass – the main raw materials used in GRP pipes production. Additionally, with improvements in dosing and control systems, we have managed to reduce resin consumption even further, which reduces the emissions of styrene to the atmosphere and the usage of resins. Both reductions have a positive effect on maintaining a clean environment.

Our Continuous Filament Winding (CFW) production lines produce GRP pipes that have a significantly longer service life compared to metal or concrete pipes (more than 50 years compared to 10-20 years) and do not require maintenance. This greatly diminishes the refurbishment work of the pipelines, which significantly reduces environmentally harmful interventions.

GRP pipes are lighter and easier to install, allowing faster construction of pipelines and less heavy machinery during construction (thus less logistics and fewer emissions to the atmosphere).

Irrigation systems made with GRP pipes do not leak and allow the growth of plants in dried areas, which enables the preservation and formation of new fertile areas. Although often invisible, high-quality water and sewage networks bring great benefits to the environment and people.

The speciality of our machine is a continuous manufacturing process that has the following advantages compared to alternative production methods:

  • reduced waste during production (no need to cut-off the pipe ends);
  • increased productivity (more pipes produced using same energy and time);
  • reduced space requirements (one machine covers a large diameter range);
  • reduced energy consumption (no need for off-line curing of pipes).

All of the above further contributes to a more sustainable use of our natural resources and to the preservation of the environment in which we live.

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