CFW 300-3000 Production Line for GRP Pipes
Innovation and Versatility.

The CFW 300-3000 production line for GRP pipes is the pinnacle of innovation and versatility. As a natural evolution of the CFW 300-2600 model, this advanced production line is the top choice for almost all factories as their first-line solution.

It offers an unparalleled ratio between diameter range, utility requirements, and space occupation, making it an ideal investment for industry leaders.

Modern and Competitive Edge.
Despite its similar size to the CFW 300-2600 production line, the CFW 300-3000 model boasts the capability to produce DN 2800 and DN 3000 pipe diameters. This feature elevates its competitiveness, granting you access to a broader market segment and cementing your leading position in the industry.

Take a leap into the future of GRP pipe production with the CFW 300-3000 series. Embrace innovation, competitiveness, and growth. Contact us now to secure your place at the forefront of the market.
Large diameter range
High production speed
On-line connectivity
Stable production
Low raw materials consumption

Production speed: up to 60 m/h

Yearly output: 200 km

Installed power: 590 kW

Average power consumption: 160kW

Air / water supply: 8 / 0.1 m3/h

Covered area needed: 3,500 m2

Recommended storage area: 25,000 m2

Pipe Hydro-Testing Machine
Sleeve Hydro-Testing Machine
Sleeve Grooving Machine
Off-line Rectification Machine
Sleeve Joining Machine
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