CFW 400-4000 Production Line for GRP Pipes
The Largest.

The CFW 400-4000 production line is the largest and most powerful addition to our line-up. Boasting an extensive diameter range from DN 400 to DN 4000, this production line is often installed as a second line alongside the CFW 300-1200, CFW 300-2600, or CFW 300-3000 models, solidifying its status as the preferred choice for factories seeking to expand their production capacity.

The CFW 400-4000 is also the perfect solution for implementing large-scale infrastructure projects.

Any Infrastructure Project at Your Fingertips.
With the CFW 400-4000 production line, the possibilities for conquering exceptionally large infrastructure projects are limitless. Its substantial diameter range equips you to take on ambitious ventures with ease, making complex projects a reality.

Diversify Your Portfolio with GRP Tank Production

Seize the opportunity to diversify your product portfolio by combining the CFW 400-4000 production line with a GRP tank production line. This strategic move opens doors to new market segments, enhancing your competitive advantage and expanding your business horizons.

Elevate your production capabilities with the largest CFW 400-4000 production line for GRP pipes. Contact us to explore the myriad possibilities this exceptional production line offers.
Huge diameter range
Stable production
On-line connectivity
Low raw materials consumption

Installed power: 850 kW

Average power consumption: 200kW

Air / water supply: 8 / 0.1 m3/h

Covered area requirement: 4,100 m2

Recommended storage area: 25,000 m2

Production speed: up to 48m/h

Yearly output: 200 km

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Sleeve Hydro-Testing Machine
Sleeve Grooving Machine
Off-line Rectification Machine
Sleeve Joining Machine
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