Double Salt Zone Reactor – Higher Maleic Anhydride Yield
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Technobell has, based on its improved salt flow circulation, as well as the performance cooling system, designed its own Maleic Anhydride (MA) reactor that is capable of operating up to 2.2 mol% n-butane concentration in the feed gas. Because of its Double Salt Zone Reactor system, a more homogeneous salt pattern, safe Reactor operation and considerable savings of raw material (n-butane) and energy consumption have been achieved.

Now Technobell’s Reactors have reached the ‘State of the Art’ level as far as the internal and external systems for salt circulation is concerned, with the assurance of operating in the safest possible condition, at high feeding loads, with high level manufacturing quality, equipment reliability and extended reactor lifespan.

Technobell’s Double Salt Zone Reactor main characteristics:

  • Perfect gas and salt flow distribution;
  • Bottom salt zone with lower salt temperature;
  • Upper salt zone with higher salt temperature;
  • Lower hot-spot, two catalyst hot-spot peaks;
  • Higher conversion (up to 90 mol%) and high selectivity;
  • Expected cum. reaction yield (MA): up to 104 wt%!